Breastfeeding in Public: A Simple, Supportive Guide

Discover a straightforward and supportive guide to nursing and pumping in public, offering practical tips for a stress-free experience.


Hey there, mama!

Feeling nervous to nurse or pump in front of other people? Here is some advice on breastfeeding and pumping in public to help you feel more confident and prepared, anywhere and anytime.

Stepping into the world of breastfeeding in public can feel a bit daunting, but worry not—I'm going to share some practical tips I wish someone told me before I nursed and pumped in public.

Let's keep things simple and focus on what matters most: you and your baby's comfort.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Getting Comfortable

First things first, grab a mirror and start practicing your breastfeeding or pumping positions in front of the mirror before going out and doing it in public.

Mom breastfeeding her baby in different positions in the mirror and trying to make sure she is comfortable different ways of nursing her baby

Checking the View

Use that mirror to get a sneak peek of what others might see. If you're concerned about showing more skin than you'd like, this is your chance to tweak and adjust. Find the positions and outfits where you feel both covered and comfortable. Most of the time you will realize that no one can really even see anything if you do it right! 


Versatile Positions

Try sitting on different spots around your house that are not your usual go to breastfeeding spots—on the floor, the bed, bench, or even standing. This way you will be ready for anything depending on where you are going. You may not always have a comfy cushioned chair to breastfeed or a pillow to rest your baby on. This is a great way to flex that muscle so you can confidently breastfeed anytime anywhere!


Cover Test

If you're thinking about using a cover, give it a go at home first. Babies can be unpredictable, especially if they're not fans of being covered up or if it’s really hot outside. Practicing at home helps your baby get use to the cover and helps you get used to using it. It’s also good to be prepared incase your baby refusing the cover. That way you both can be happy and comfortable, cover or no cover.


Comfort is Key

mom in comfortable breastfeeding accessible clothing. super soft and low cut clothing. Comfort is key when is comes to motherhood.

Breastfeeding Friendly Clothing

When it comes to what to wear, think easy access and comfort. Clothes designed for nursing can be a game-changer, making feeding times quick and hassle-free. But you can also opt for shirts that are loose, lower necklines, button openings or have a lot of stretch.

Breastfeeding and pumping bras

It’s important to have breastfeeding friendly bras. There are plenty of comfortable options that you can wear all day long no matter what the occasion while giving you easy access to breastfeed or pump without any stress or hassle.


Breathable Cover

Having a cover that is breathable and can be used for other things is key! My nursing cover can be used as a scarf, poncho, nursing cover, pumping cover, car seat cover and even a blanket.


Experiment at Home 

a mom trying different breastfeeding positions so she can get comfortable breastfeeding in any situation

Try Different Positions

I am going to bring this up again because it’s so important. Ditch the nursing pillow for a bit and test out some new spots—like standing, sitting on the edge of your sofa, or on a chair you rarely use. This prep helps you get used to feeding comfortably in any situation when you're out.


Get Comfortable Anywhere

Practicing in unconventional spots, such as on a bench or stool, prepares you for places like airports, Disneyland, or restaurants. The goal? To make any feeding situation feel as easy as if you were at home. The more you experiment, the more confident you'll become in feeding your baby, no matter where you are.


Cover up or Pump In Private

a mom using a cover to nurse her baby

Use a Cover

If covering up makes you feel more comfortable, then make sure to choose a cover that you actual like. Pick one that is lightweight and breathable. Remember to practice using it at home to get your baby use to it, as they might not want to be covered up in public. This helps avoid surprises when you're out and about.

Plan Ahead

For those who prefer to breastfeed or pump in private, planning ahead is key. Airports often have breastfeeding pods, and you can always breastfeed in your car, find a room at a friend's house, or seek out a quiet area wherever you are to maintain some privacy. Call ahead or try to make a plan before getting to your destination.

Remember, finding a private spot might not always be possible, which is why practicing all the other tips will come in handy. This way, you'll be prepared for any situation.


Pumping on the Go

mom using her breast pump in public with her pump bag

Portable Breast Pump

Choose a portable breast pump that's lightweight, easy to use, and reliable. Look for one with long battery life, simple assembly, and easy cleaning. It should fit easily in your bag for on-the-go pumping.


Breast Pump Bag

When you prefer to pump, a reliable breast pump bag is key. A well-organized pump bag keeps everything clean and in order. Look for a bag that's easy to carry will keep your breast pump parts organized and milk safe.


Pumping Bra

It's important to wear a nursing and pumping-friendly bra. There aer so many comfortable, supportive options out there that will last long after your breastfeeding days are over. Make sure to choose a bra that you can wear during pregnancy and postpartum.


Breast Milk Cooler

For transporting milk, use a compact breast milk cooler with ice packs or a milk chiller. It should keep milk cold for hours, fit several bottles, and be leak-proof to avoid spills.

 Woman confidently breastfeeding her baby in public at a cafe not caring about what anyone else thinks.

Do what is most comfortable for you

Most importantly, remember that how you choose to breastfeed is entirely up to you. My aim is to support you in feeling confident and normalized in your breastfeeding journey, no matter where you are.


I hope these tips help you feel more confident and comfortable when breastfeeding in public with baby. If you found this helpful or used these tips you can follow us on instagram for more! @mimiandpal


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This bag is perfect for heading back to work, going through TSA, visiting Disneyland, or anywhere else you need to keep your breast pump parts organized. This pump bag can be repurposed as a diaper bag or emergency kit when you are done pumping. It comes in 6 different colors.


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#3. Milk Chillers:

When you're out and about, having a breastmilk cooler that suits your needs is essential! While there are many good ones on the market, here are just a few of my favorites.


The Ceres Chill is, hands down, one of the best chillers on the market! It can hold up to 27 oz of breastmilk at a safe temperature for 20 hours. Its innovation allows for various uses and hacks throughout your journey. It's versatile and can be repurposed for many other things after your breastfeeding days are over. In my opinion, it's worth the price. Comes in 11 colors.


1. Breastmilk Chiller - Ceres Chill



The Milas Keeper is the cutest breastmilk cooler on the market! I love everything that they make. So chic and aesthetically pleasing. This milk cooler will hold one 5 ounce bottle or fits 12 oz milk in 2 bags x 6 oz. Perfect for quick errands or pumping while you are on the go! The Milas keeper comes in 4 colors.

The Milas Breastmilk Chiller in pink
. Pink Breastmilk Chiller - Milas Keeper in Pink


This is a standard cooler for your breastmilk, but no one would ever know it's a breastmilk cooler. It's ideal for moms who have to return to work and store their milk in a public fridge or repurpose it for snacks later on. It's available in three colors and is currently on sale!


3 breastmilk coolers stacked on top of eachother
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The milk clutch is perfect for running quick errands when you don't want to carry a big cooler with you. It's sleek, compact, and will fit perfectly inside a tote or take up less space in a diaper bag. The Ren Milk Clutch comes in 6 colors and is only $20!


insulated breastmilk pouch with breastmilk bag going inside
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#4. Nursing Cover:

Our favorite nursing cover is from WeareAmma. While it may be a bit on the pricier side, we find it well worth the price tag. What we love about it is its versatility – it can be used as a nursing cover, poncho, scarf, car seat cover, and stroller cover. I've washed mine numerous times, and it's still in perfect condition. This makes for a thoughtful gift for a new mom.


1. Nursing/Pump Cover - We are Amma 

#5. Portable Breast Pump

Another item that can be incredibly helpful and exciting for a new pumping mama is a reliable portable breast pump! It grants her the freedom to go hands-free and accomplish tasks efficiently. Below, you'll find my top two favorite portable breast pumps:

This is my favorite portable pump. It's compact yet powerful, and it efficiently empties me in half the time compared to my other pumps. I also appreciate the quality of the flanges and cups they provide.



1. Breast Pump - Baby Buddha Breast Pump

2. Collection Cups - Baby Buddha Collection Cups

This is my second favorite pump! In terms of suction, it operates smoothly and effectively empties your breasts. The battery is reliable, and it's a conveniently sized pump. Overall this is an amazing pump.


The Pumpables Genie Advanced

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