The Ultimate Hospital Packing List for Expecting Moms: Simplified and Organized

Packing for the hospital can feel like a huge task—what do you really need, and what can you leave behind? It's easy to get overwhelmed, thinking about both the essentials and the just-in-case items. 

Fear not! We've got the a super easy to follow hospital packing list! This list is designed to make your hospital stay as comfy and hassle-free as possible, without the need to pack your entire house.

We've broken down each category with tons of detail! You have 3 download options:

This shows the 3 options moms have to download The Best Hospital Packing List that is also super easy to follow

  • PDF CHECKLIST - Just a plain checklist of you without the explanation. You can download and print this on paper.
  • IPHONE NOTES CHECKLIST: This you can download right to your iPhone Notes! We have two options for you:
      • Checklist with details, tips and explanations for items.
      • Plain Checklist with just the items listed.


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Now lets get into it!

🤰 Mom's Essentials: Comfort Is Key

First things first, let's talk about what you will need. Hospital gowns are a given during labor, but having your own comfy gear for post-delivery is a game-changer. Here's what to pack for a cozy stay:

POSTPARTUM ESSENTIALS - Comfy pajamas, non slip socks, non slip slippers, hospital robe, hospital postpartum gown

1.) Nonslip socks 2.) Nonslip socks 3.) Nonslip Slippers 4.) Nonslip slippers 5.) Nursing friendly pajamas 6.) Robe 7.) Gown nursing friendly


🌙 Comfy Pajamas/Nightgowns
  • Pack 2 pairs of comfy PJs that are easy on the waist, perfect for postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding-friendly. Think soft, stretchy, and accessible.
🥿 Robe and Non-Slip Slippers
  • A lightweight robe for those walks down the hallway and non-slip slippers. Hospital floors are slippery and can get pretty gross.
🧦 Cozy Non-Slip Socks
  • Hospitals can be chilly! Keep your feet warm and safe from slips with some cozy, grippy socks. 
POSTPARTUM ESSENTIALS FOR THE HOSPITAL - Eye mask, hair scrunchies, massager, going home outfit, nursing pillow, pumping bra, nursing bra, hospital bra, breastfeeding bra, ginger candy for postpartum sickness, chapstick, solace, and another pumping and nursing bralette.


🤱 Nursing/Pumping Bras

  • Don't forget 2-3 comfortable nursing or pumping bras. If you can find a bra that does both you wont regret it. I have listed two really pretty options above.
👗 Comfortable Going-Home Outfit
  • Choose something loose and comfy for your trip back home. Remember, don't buy anything too tight so it can fit large pads or incase of a c-section.
💁‍♀️ Hair Ties or Headbands
  • Keep your hair out of your face and use them to keep track of which side you breastfed last. You are going to be so exhausted so this is a neat little trick.
🌟 Nursing Pillow & 💤 Personal Pillow
  • Bringing the nursing pillow you will actually use at home feels so nice so you can get accustomed to it. Also the nurses can help you with different positions.
  • Bringing your own pillow to have during labor and delivery was the best decision ever. If you are worried about the pillow getting dirty you can buy a waterproof cover and put the pillow case over it.
😴 Eye Mask & 🍎 Must-Haves
  • The hospital always has some kind of light on. Bringing an eye mask is a lifesaver so you can get some rest no matter what time of day it is.
  • Don't forget gum, lozenges, and ginger candies to help with nausea and dry mouth.
💋 Chapstick & ⚙️ Manual Back Roller Massager
  • Make sure to bring some chapstick. Breathing heavy can cause serious chapped lips.
  • A hand back massager was a great way for my partner to help me get through those intense contractions.
💩 Stool Softener
  • Trust us, you'll want this on hand for post-delivery comfort. (Always consult your doctor and do your own research.)
👓 Glasses or Contacts & 💧 Large Water Bottle
  • For any of my mama who need glasses or contacts DON'T FORGET! You don't want to miss out on seeing your little babes face for the first time.
  • The hospital will provide you with a water cup but I liked having my own big water bottle.



🛁 Toiletries: Stay Fresh

You're going to want a few comforts from home to feel fresh and clean after delivery:POSTPARTUM ESSENTIALS FOR THE HOSPITAL - Shower shoes, unscented baby friendly shampoo lotion and coditioner, hair brush, travel loofah, and dry shampoo

1.) Unscented Shampoo 2.) Unscented Conditioner 3.) Dry Shampoo 4.) Antimicrobial Scrubber 5.) Baby Safe Lotion 6.) Face Wipes 7.) Unscented Body Wash 8.) Hairbrush 9.) Shower Shoes 

🚿 Shampoo, conditioner, or dry shampoo

  • Because nothing beats that first post-labor shower. Just make sure not to use any products that are overly scented.

🧼 Soap/body wash and a wash rag/loofah

  • Choose gentle, baby-friendly products.

🛁 Face wash and makeup wipes

  • For a quick refresh when you need it.
  • This is great to have on hand during labor.

🪥Toothbrush, toothpaste


🧴Lotion body/face

  • Keep it simple and fragrance-free.
  • Bring whatever you think will help you feel refreshed.

💄 Makeup 

  • Again anything that makes you feel good.

    💇‍♀️Hair brush and shower sandals

    • Your hair can get super matted from laying on the hospital bed for so long. Make sure you bring a tangle friendly brush.

      🩴 Shower sandals

      • Shower sandals are must because those bathroom and hospital floors can get pretty gross.


      👶 Baby's Necessities: Just the Essentials

      Your little one doesn't need much. In fact you could show up to the hospital with nothing and be totally fine.But here are a few things to pack: 


      1.) Onesies simple 2.) Swaddle and first outfit 3.) Easy Velcro Swaddles 4.) Baby hats and mittens 5.) Infant Carseat 6.) Baby Socks 7.) Electric Nail File

      👶 Onesies and outfits

      • A couple of sizes and the first photo outfit. Don't pick an overcomplicated outfit.

      🍼 Swaddles or blankets

      • For leaving the hospital room and the ride home.

      🚗 Infant car seat

      • Make sure to practice adjusting the car seat and straps multiple times before going to the hospital. Also ensure all the newborn inserts are inside the carseat.

      🧢🧦 Baby hat and socks

      • Keep that tiny head and those little toes warm. The hospital will provide these if you don't have it.

      👶✂️Nail clippers or mittens

      • Those newborn nails are sharp. The nurses can show you how to file the nails if you bring your own to the hospital.


        📱 Electronics: Stay Connected & Entertained

        From your phone to a sound machine, make sure you have what you need to stay in touch and relaxed: 

        Hospital packing checklist for mom electronics


        1.) Portable Fan 2.) Extra Long Chargers 3.) Portable Bluetooth Speaker 4.) Digital Camera 5.) Extra Long Cable 6.) Phone Stand For Hospital Bed

        • Don't forget chargers, especially a long phone charger.
        • Consider a portable fan and speaker for comfort and ambiance. 



        Essential documents include your ID, insurance info, birth plan, and pediatrician's contact information. Having these ready will make the admission process smoother.


          🤱 Breast Pump: Just In Case


        Even if you don't plan on using it right away, having your breast pump and accessories handy can be a lifesaver, especially for unexpected stays in the NICU or has latching issues. (Download our packing list for full details.)



        👕Partner's Packing List: Because they will need some essentials too!

        A few essentials for your partner will ensure they're comfortable and ready to support you. (Download our packing list for full details.)


         💡TIPS: Know Before You Go

        mom on her iPad making her plan for the hospital packing checklist using her breast pump bag for the hospital

        • Check what the hospital provides and leave space in your bag for those take-home goodies.
        • Plan your post-delivery meal and know the nearby options.

        (Download our packing list for full details.)




        Things You DON'T Need to Bring

         Save space and stress by leaving these items at home. The hospital has got you covered on essentials like diapers, wipes, and more.

        (Download our packing list for full details.)



        And there you have it! A detailed list of essentials you will need to pack for the hospital. Remember, the goal is to make your hospital stay as comfortable and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on meeting your new little one.


        We hope you have a safe and smooth delivery! If this list helped you give us a follow on instagram: @mimiandpal

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